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May 15, 2017
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About the Website:

Some of Faith Bulletin's ( website articles were created in the year 2012 using a different domain that has been blocked by facebook even until now (Possible reason, Facebook supports and promotes sins against God, one particular is LGBT, etc.), while domain was registered in the year 2013 with a purpose to spread the Word of God.

Faith Bulletin ( website is not affiliated with any physical church or organization unless that said church and organization are a true member of the body of Yehoshua Christ or part of the spiritual temple of God, such as following the new or everlasting covenant or the teachings of the Lord Yehoshua and His Apostles. Ad we are definitely not affiliated with

About the Faith Bulletin year 2017 website:

If you join the new Faith Bulletin website, it is like having your own blog website and social networking website to promote your faith.

This script or code was created to speed up the loading time of Faith Bulletin website so the members could post even on a low-speed internet connection such as 3G internet connection. Another reason is, to create a new environment online that promote the truth in the Word of God or the knowledge of the truth to expose the doctrine of Satan that being promoted and accepted widely nowadays. Faith Bulletin will be promoting a natural male and female gender website only, will be promoting a facial hair and short hair is a commandment or natural or common for men (can be seen in our male avatar) and long hair is commandment or natural or common for women (can be seen in our female avatar), will be promoting the original sacred name of the Lord as this is the primary needed to a sinner's eternal salvation against the famous name that wasn't even used by the apostles during their time (if you include it on your article, it will appear like this -> Jesus(Yehoshua). A way and a part of our restoration of the truth regarding about the primary needed for the sinner's eternal salvation), and a lot more.

The new Faith Bulletin is encouraging our visitors to join and start sharing their faith as well using Faith Bulletin.

About the Owner:

Faith Bulletin ( website is owned by a member of the body of Yehoshua Christ.

Angelo Evangelista III with the help of his wife Hang Nguyen Evangelista.

All glory be to Yehoshua Christ who saved us all from eternal damnation.



May 15, 2017